Recycling of plastics for prototype and small series production – Grant program Quality of Education Tatra banka 2019


Plastics have become an integral part of the individual and cannot be completely excluded from everyday life. As part of this project, the department of Computer Aided Manufacturing Technologies, in cooperation with the Tatra banka Foundation, committed to supplement the equipment of the workplace and to create conditions for the recycling of waste plastic materials. Recyclate is used in the educational process in the development stage  of new products in various forms. For example as granules for injection molding or in form of workpieces for CNC machines. During the COVID-19 virus pandemic, waste plastics were evaluated for example, in the form of fibers for 3D printers to be able produce protective shields for healthcare professionals. For the future of all of us, it is essential to motivate students to recycle. To think about waste treatment and to look for new ways to effectively assess the limited resources of the planet.

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